Thursday, 16 June 2016

16/06/16 - Accelerator CD reissue

Just when you thought you owned enough copies of Accelerator, here comes another. This version actually features the new artwork and bonus tracks from the Record Store Day limited vinyl, and marks the 25th Anniversary of the album's release. It should be released on 8th July according to Amazon, although we recommend waiting for a pre-order to appear on FSOLDigital before ordering.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

28/04/16 - Synthi A vinyl tracks update

Good news for those not wishing to own two copies of the Synthi A album, or those without a turntable: the four exclusive pieces to the vinyl edition of Ignition of the Sun are now available as a download EP entitled 'Sounds From...'. This also means the LP edition - "created from new edits of the original tracks" - is now available to order from FSOLDigital. Click right about here.

Meanwhile, you can listen to one of those new tracks, Wave-Length, in this new video:

Monday, 25 April 2016

25/04/16 - Synth-A vinyl coming on 3rd June

The Synthi-A album, Ignition of the Sun, will be receiving a vinyl release on 3rd June. Of particular interest is that it's a different mix of the album, with a different running order and three exclusive tracks: Wave-Length, Dilation of Time and Lifecycle; this version, however, doesn't include the track Disparity in Oscillations Ab (unless, of course, it's been re-named - this wouldn't be the first time that's happened!). Expect an FSOLDigital update in the next couple of weeks. Full tracklist:

1. Ignition Of The Sun
2. Oblique Towers
3. Wave-length
4. Garden Of Syn
5. Rutt Etra
6. Dilation Of Time
7. Return Beyond The Inner Voice
8. Moon In Dissidence
9. Rivers Of Occasion
10. Sirens From A Distance
11. Opalis Amar Xam
12. Pathway To I
13. Lifecycle
14. Bridge Between Tal
15. Liquid Light Voids

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

13/04/16 - BBC 6Music mix this weekend

Sourced from the FSOLDigital Twitter and BBC 6Music website, this weekend FSOL will be part of Nemone's Electric Ladyland show. The show starts at midnight on Friday, and runs for two hours. The website blurb states: "As part of record store day, the show features a special 30 minute guest mix from legendary electronic production duo The Future Sound of London."

Friday, 8 April 2016

08/04/16 - Touched FSOL night report

I think it's fair to say last night's show on Touched Radio was a success. We had well over a hundred listeners and the chat room was very busy. A lot of exclusive and rare material was played, along with some lesser known pieces and a few 'hits'. A great selection of tracks from 1992 - 2016 were played. It's likely many hangovers were nursed today.

Here's the final total for completely unheard tracks:
Four untitled tracks + lots of answerphone environments from the FSOL Mix at the start
Two tracks of unknown title - one not given, the other Martin lost
Algae Floats the Water in Super Technicolor
Night Scape
Morning Mist
Ever Really Happened
Supergrass - The Sky (FSOL Remix)

Alternate versions of the Bryan Ferry and Stereo MCs remixes

Tracks heard in the previous FSOL Night:
Arc City
Santana (formerly Carlos)
The JAMS - It's Grim Up North (FSOL Remix)

Plus 'official' confirmation that Cold Dark Field from the Covert album is FSOL.

Oboliss will be on a compilation called Detuned out later this year.
Night Scape will be on Touched 3, out this July.
The rest are 'in the holding pile' according to Brian. Chances are there's at least one here we'll never hear again.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

07/04/16 - Touched Radio FSOL Night tonight

As mentioned in the previous update, Touched Radio are holding their second FSOL Night this evening. Here's the Mixlr event. It has been revealed that the show will be opening with an exclusive mix made by FSOL - we're guessing it'll be Electric Brainstorm 11. Tune in later and join the chat. We'll also have a commentary and updated tracklist over on the forum.