Monday, 24 October 2016

24/10/16 - new track, Obollis, on De:Tuned compilation

A track that featured on the last FSOL Night by Touched Music, 'Obollis', will get an official release through the De:Tuned label on a 6xLP compilation called Brainbox. The compilation will also feature tracks by Spacetime Continuum, DeepChord, Meat Beat Manifesto, μ-Ziq, Locust, Speedy J, Scanner, B12, and a host of other renowned electronic practitioners.
Brainbox is out on 18th November 2016. Check out some pre-order linkes on the De:Tuned Facebook.

Friday, 7 October 2016

07/10/16 - Environment Six Plus release + info

Right, this has turned out bigger than we expected. Both Environment Six and Environment 6.5 (beautiful FSOL lack of consistency in the titles there) feature 23 tracks. That's 46 new FSOL tracks. 47, if you include the fact that the LP of Six features an exclusive track. Speaking of the vinyl editions, Six omits seven tracks (and adds the bonus track), whilst 6.5 omits five tracks. Given that they've not been shy of pushing the format to its limits with 30 minute sides earlier in the series, this suggests that the CD + digital editions are long. Could we have two 75 minute albums on our hands here? Either way, this is an unexpectedly long musical journey that is startling in comparison with the decreasing run-times of the previous volumes (with the unofficial 5.5, Life in Moments, running to 38 minutes).

Vinyl editions aren't shipping until the 28th October, although all orders will receive an immediate download of the CD/Digital version of the album. The only thing that's slightly disappointing is the artwork, which looks more like an Electric Brain Storms cover than the epic landscaping of previous albums:

The albums can be purchased separately or as bundles, and are on sale now from FSOLDigital. Oh, and the calendar is there too.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

06/10/16 - FSOLDigital calendar

Alongside the release of Environment Six+ tomorrow, FSOLDigital will also launch a 2017 calendar. The calendar will feature 12 new FSOLDigital artworks, but purchasers will also be given a free track to download from FSOLDigital at the start of each month throughout the year. Effectively, a new album released over the course of the year.

06/10/16 - More E6 updates

The 2CD set will be called Environment Six Plus, and will consist of two full length albums: Environment 6 and 6.5. Both will be available in CD and LP formats. The boxset of both CDs looks like this:

06/10/16 - Environment Six out tomorrow + bonus album

In a surprise turn of events, Environment Six is being released tomorrow (7th October). None of us expected that. It's also intriguingly being released alongside something called Environment 6.5. No news on tracklist etc. The album is being released as double vinyl, CD, MP3 and FLAC. No cover yet. Roll on tomorrow!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

01/10/16 - Environments 6 teaser

Actually, we don't know exactly how the album title will be spelled as so far we just have 'E.6' (maybe that's the title), but here's a teaser video:

The last suggested date was an October release, although we reckon it could be early November at this point. Either way, it's finally coming!

Monday, 15 August 2016

15/08/16 - Humanoid updates

This morning, Brian Dougans changed his Facebook image to this. Then a few hours later, this video appeared on the Genocide Dolphins indie game YouTube page: You may remember the game for its use in the promo clip for the original version of Post Human around the time of the Touched 2 compilation.
Leon Mar's Arcon 2 alias reappeared on the third Touched compilation last month, and is now in action remixing Humanoid. He's now done remix work for the guys as Leon Mar, Oil and Arcon 2.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about all this is obviously that it seems that progress on new Humanoid record is once again in motion, and it's quite possible we'll be seeing a release sooner rather than later. Although probably not before October, as that is the rumoured month of release for Environments 6.