Thursday, 14 December 2017

14/12/17 - SX-One preview album now available

An album of pieces showing the versatility of the FSOL/Digitana synth the SX-One is now available to download from FSOLDigital, as mp3 or FLAC, with six bonus videos. The site describes the album as:

4 tracks – 45 mins in total – live improvisations using the FSOL:DIGITANA sx-1
Also includes 4 videos – filmed at the time of recording – showing the SX-1 in the recording chain
In addition a further 2 videos as a bonus
A pitch and tempo is decided, a timeline is peppered with hits and noises
These act as que markers to move the synth settings and sequences forward
A set of sequences were created and stored for random access
The main time generator is started and the result is recorded to 1/4” 15ips tape on a Nagra IVs

01 – Xertz (12:19)
02 – Opotograms (11:58)
03 – Origin Flows (5:12)
04 – Minimally Conscious (15:05)

The videos - one for each track, plus the Stochastic Process and SX-1 in Berlin come as separate files to download on the FSOLDigital account page, probably to keep down the size (up to 150MB per video).

Friday, 24 November 2017

24/11/17 - Karsten Pflum - Borg Acid (Rebuilt By Humanoid)

Brian's been on remixing duties again for Touched, this time 'rebuilding' a track by Karsten Pflum for the Love Canticles album. Listen to & grab the record from the link above.

24/11/17 - FSOLDigital Black Friday sale

Many FSOLDigital items are at reduced prices for the Black Friday weekend, running through to midnight on Sunday 26th November. There's actually a 'Black Friday' category linked to from the email the band have sent out, but it just leads to a 404 error page, so your best option is just to travel over to FSOLDigital and have a browse for yourself. All reduced items - physical and downloads - are marked with a 'sale!' signifier.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

23/11/17 - Guinness World Records

FSOL have (finally) been awarded Guinness World Records for 'The first world tour by a group without leaving the studio', 'The first world tour featuring live shows played down telephone wires' and, most noteworthy, 'The first internet music download', for their single Lifeforms in June 1994.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

16/11/17 - Ramblings of a Madman zine Vol 1 + extras

The first volume of the Ramblings of a Madman zines, featuring stories written by Gaz as well as imagery from the band, is now available on FSOLDigital. Prices range from £8.00 to £33.00, depending on whether you want a unique art print and/or a hoodie as well (or even instead of). The tracklist for the EP runs so:

01 – Viewed From Outside
02 – The Whispering Masses
03 – Orrery
04 – Fracti
05 – Episode
All tracks written by Dougans/Cobain except track 3 by Pemberton/Dougans/Cobain
Grab yours here.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

01/11/17 - Lifeforms LP delayed but date confirmed

The Lifeforms double LP repress will be released on 26th January 2018. This is possibly a disappointment to those hoping for an October or November release, as promised, but maybe not surprising to those of us who are used to initial FSOL release dates being not entirely accurate. Pop the date in your diaries!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

28/10/17 - Calendar(s) available now.

After the success of the 2017 FSOLDigital Calendar, the band have decided to release... two. Version 1 features classic artwork (Teachings, a collage of old covers, an updated My Kingdom with the new spike/electronic brain model, Papua, Synthi A, A:E:V, Far-out Son, Accelerator, Your Body Robotic, Lifeforms, Archives and Environment 6+). Version 2 features 12 new and very recent images. Three options are available for each calendar: Calendar only, Music only, Music & calendar. The music will be in the form of a track-a-month download, as with the 2017 version, and the same music is available with each calendar (so no need to buy both for music reasons). Prices are between £6 and £16, exclusively available from FSOLDigital.