Monday, 9 November 2015

09/11/15 - FSOLDigital overhaul, merch and collectables, Life in Moments tracklist

So, to accompany the release of the The Most Important Moments in a Life book, a handful of other bits and bobs have appeared on FSOLDigital. A quick run through of today's releases follows...

The book itself is available signed and not signed. The tracklist for the bonus CD is:
01 – Taken Leave of all Senses
02 – Viewed from Across the Room
03 – I Turn To Face The Sun
04 – Bring
05 – Triospheres
06 – Sea + LSD
07 – Grindatone
08 – A Somnambulant Drift
09 – Talisman
10 – Abandoned Housing Blocks of Prypiat
11 – Falling Upwards Aria

A chance to get six of the bonus tracks from recent FSOLDigital releases in a physical format - particularly exciting as it gives the tremendous 'I Turn to Face the Sun' a proper home at last - plus five completely unheard pieces. Whilst those digital EPs have been nice bonuses, we're happy to be getting some of the best of those tracks together as what looks like it'll be a proper album in its own right. How many other bands sneak out an 11 track album like this as a bonus CD with a book?!
Here's a link to that, anyway.

White label editions - most likely test pressings - of Archive 8 & Environments 1 are now available. These collectors edition vinyls are limited to ten copies, signed by both Gaz and Brian, and come with a standard vinyl edition plus 320kbps mp3 download. Pricey but a fantastic treat for collectors...

The run of cryptic symbols found on Archive 8 and various FSOLDigital videos has now found its way onto a t-shirt, and so has the Herd Killing logo. Only medium and large are currently available, so skinny wretches like myself will have to go without.

There's also a new background on the site, which makes some parts of it unreadable in a slightly different way to before, which is nice.

Friday, 6 November 2015

06/11/15 - Nick McCabe working with Gaz

Gaz today posted a video on his Facebook of ex-Verve guitarist Nick McCabe working on a new FSOL track - with the promise of future work on Amorphous material. You can watch the video here.

06/11/15 - A History of FSOL, Kooks remix, Mushroom 11 new tracks

Or 'News roundup because I'm crap and didn't get around to it before' Newest, and possibly of most interest, is a forthcoming book entitled The Most Important Moments in a Life - A History of The Future Sound of London. This book, available from FSOLDigital this coming Monday, 9th November 2015, has been described by Gaz as "' a rather sumptuous FSOL scrapbook of sorts ' The Most Important Moments Of A Life ' compiled and collaged from the vaults of old pics , personal notebooks & cuttings of interesting curios and memorabilia filling its 80 ish full colour gloss colour pages ... a feast for the eyes and a very interesting read to boot!"
. The book is coupled with an eleven track CD featuring a range of tracks from well known to alternate mixes and previously unreleased. It all looks like this:

Talking of unreleased FSOL material, the previously announced soundtrack for independent game Mushroom 11 has been expanded, to include four new tracks: 'Wave Stat', 'TX 81z Another Brother', 'The Equevalents' and a string-only version of 'End of the World'. The soundtrack comes as a download with purchases of the game. Try here and here.
Also in indie gaming, our forum resident Pandemonium will be releasing a mobile game in the near future, featuring FSOL's Lizzard Crawl on the soundtrack. Read more about that over on the forum.

Meanwhile, in Amorphous world, the group have a track on the forthcoming remix album by The Kooks. Their fourteen minute Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix of 'Murderer' (entitled 'Murdered & Downer') will be on Hello, What's Your Name?, available from 4th December.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

08/09/15 - Archived 8 videos

A couple of Archived 8 preview videos, courtesy of Brian's YouTube...

While we're here, I thought this was too nice not to share. From Gaz's Facebook:
' I've unearthed a beauty' Brian exclaimed down the phone one afternoon in May. I'd become accustomed to hearing such things over the years of course, Brian had taken on the custodianship of all the DATs and master recordings of FSOL's 90s period , ' the janitor' as he was known , and thus ' the janitor' was always searching for FSOL bounty for the ARCHIVE releases that had ensued so yes, it was a common occurrence.. Nonetheless ,It was, , always IS a pleasure to hear such an exaltation. Maybe i could finally retire with this latest find , hopefully it would be real treasure .. the excitement was palpable, Brian knew it, making me hold on before playing it . The idea that there is magic in the vaults is an enticing one. This afternoon was no different. I was struggling with a new track, perplexed by it, feeling like giving up, so to hear that there was something magic that i had been involved with at some point in my life was soothing : ). Would i remember it, would i be disappointed, would i be the person to burst the bubble by realizing it actually wasn't our track at all but actually someone elses that had slipped erroneously onto the DAT ( it has happened, believe me : ). I sat back to listen as the first bars of music began to play down the phone line.
What i love about the ARCHIVE series is its like being reconnected with oneself..This track was no different, i couldn't remember anything about it, i strained to penetrate the fog of memory, I supplanted memory of two guys in their twenties into THAT room, EARTHBEAT, an imaginary argument about the direction of the song, a pivotal breakthrough when one of us took over from the other. But no....i was merely projecting into a void, there was nothing .
Most tracks i retain a very keen knowing of who did what and when and how, but tracks we saw no future in we moved on from tirelessly, and there were literally hundreds of such tracks, Having a major label deal meant that tracks really had to have something really special beyond fast food and we worked bloody hard to arrive at such fruits in an attempt to make great albums. Tracks done in an hour here or a day there twenty years ago, meant that memory really had no chance to consolidate itself unlike the tracks that actually made it onto the albums , they acquire instant prevailing mythology.. Yet this one was familiar , no i didn't know it at all but the essence , the melodies, the directive of what it was trying to say is such a familiar part of Brian and I from that time that it returns home, returns me to home and its a lovely feeling. Brian found it on a DAT dedicated to the WE HAVE EXPLOSIVE single...part 4 of that had been the ambient foray so it was probably deemed that this wasn't suitable ( and i can see why ) but I'm glad to hear it today, and the nostalgia isn't nostalgia at all, its just a part of me that doesn't die and these ARCHIVES give me an opportunity to step outside, lose memory and then re-acquaint momentarily & quite poignantly with myself as if for the first time & I'm an old , dear friend ( or those men in black have zapped my memory meaning I can enjoy the music I make without actually experiencing the agonizing pain of making it )
So dear friend, bring me home and if anyone knows who actually wrote it then kindly get in touch and we'll sort you out ha ha.

Gaz Cobain xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

04/09/15 - Better late than never: Remixes, records, rumours.

Well, this is all very late, but hey. Brian has been on remixing duties a lot for Touched, the charity label giving to Macmillan Cancer Support, giving B12's Orbita Tolv a Humanoid rebuild and Funckarma's Emplixian Ambient a Yage workover for Touched Two Remixes, and providing a Humanoid remix for 2ndMouse's album.

In other release news, the eighth archive release, titled Archived 8 as opposed to From the Archives Vol. 8 for reasons we cannot fathom, is out next week, with a FSOLDigital release of 11th September (followed by wider distribution two weeks later on the 25th). Some tracks have been updated, Environments style, and the album features twelve pieces all together:
01 – Sorrow (3:53)
02 – Acturum Esse (4:06)
03 – Blue Green (2:53)
04 – Crawler (3:56)
05 – Forlorn (4:34)
06 – Haloi Slope (4:22)
07 – Unfurl (1:40)
08 – Still Motion (5:05)
09 – Plazmatical (3:48)
10 – Spacial Freak (4:59)
11 – Long Exposure (3:50)
12 – Standing Room (6:13)

Ordering direct from FSOLDigital also gives you a free three track EP. You can pre-order the album on 320kbps mp3, FLAC, CD and vinyl+mp3. While you're there you can grab an A3 poster of the artwork, and the long-overdue vinyl release of the first Environments.

As for rumour...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

13/06/15 - Eyebrow: Garden City on FSOLDigital.

The latest title to be distributed by FSOLDigital is Garden City by Eyebrow. The store is selling the CD, which is released by Ninety & Nine Records.


Paul Wigens (drums, percussion, electronics) / Pete Judge (trumpet, electronics)

Eyebrow is a trumpet and drums duo based in Bristol, UK, formed in 2009, and featuring members of cult bands Blurt and Get The Blessing. Its music evolves out of improvisations which are reassembled into structured pieces with an unexpectedly cinematic sweep, like journeys through slowly-changing landscapes. New album “Garden City”, recorded at Invada Studios in Bristol by TJ Allen, with special guest Jim Barr on baritone guitar and bass pedals, is now available on New York’s Ninety & Nine Records.

“One of the most beguiling records I’ve heard in ages: music of quiet imagination and intimate beauty. I hope a lot of people get to enjoy it” (Richard Williams,

““Sepulchral, dappled trumpet and real live meaty drums; Eyebrow have been doing this kind of thing for a long time and have become very good at it. ‘Thaw’ – an insistent rhythmic ear-worm – is a belter” (Independent on Sunday)

“Atmospheric, haunting, fascinating. Four stars” (AllAboutJazz)


1 – Blind Summit (7:08)
2 – The Golden Road (5:08)
3 – Lustre (2:41)
4 – Mr Choppy (4:49)
5 – Thaw (13:44)
6 – Scrim (5:45)
7 – Pinch Point (9:33)

Sound clips and purchase info on FSOLdigital.